Thank you for visiting my site. I’m going to tell you about me so you know who I am. Or at least feel like you do. ;)

I am a blissful girl living on the Grand Forks Air Force Base. I have a lot of different hobbies; including working out and being fit. I love blogilates!! ;) I appreciate all kinds of art & new perspectives & ways to do things. I don’t always like “doing what everyone else does”. I prefer to do my own thing; I’m not afraid to try new things and experiment. No one should really be afraid to be who they are.

I like makeup. Its girly, fun and their limitless ways to use it. Could never have enough. ;) I’ve loved it ever since I’ve started wearing lipstick when I was 12. Yes, 12.

I play the piano, mandolin, violin and love toying with the guitar & banjo. I love opportunities and/or making them happen! Sometimes in life you just gotta forge your own way to make things happen. Don’t be afraid to really be who you are… I always want to be stretching myself to become someone better. Never too old to learn anything.

So hey, when you hire me to do your photoshoot, I’m not all too worried about my position & being too professional where we can’t have fun. I believe a person’s pictures can show how they felt. Nervous, happy, weirded out, ;) They take on the attitude of the photographer at a shoot. I should be confident, for you! Photographers are to be ready, happy & make you feel comfortable AND Confident. Cause let’s be real. You are an amazing person with unique and beautiful things about you. I want you to shine. I think that is sooo important. I want you to have fun. :) Cause I have fun with everything I’m doing.

I love my friends and enjoy spending time with people, meeting new people and leaving my comfortable zone. Because it’s important to live without regrets. I’d rather say “Can’t believe I did that, lol” ;)  instead of “I wish I did that.”

I got started in photography when I bought my first little Kodak camera. I took my little sister out to the backyard & gave her my first “mini photoshoot”. I found a cool editor online and that’s when I began learning a lot about lighting, settings & editing methods, & then I got my first BIG camera. A Pentax K10D SLR. I love it! Since then I have bought myself a new lens, PSE and actions to work with. Let’s do dis baby! With art, you’re always learning & frankly their is no “wrong” or “right” way. It’s all how the artist perceives.

There are ways people think things should be done, and we don’t always have to follow that blueprint. As an artist we can be messy & do things differently. Which in reality, artists like that give the most inspiration and ideas. They are who people really want to be like deeeeeep down. Cause being different and being a trend-setter is way cooler then being a follower.

So… Let’s get together, what do you say?

 We can have a swingin’ time! We’d be a crazy team. Why don’t we make a scene; Together, oh oh oh!  :D

I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about me. Shoot me an email and tell me about yourself! I’d love to get to know you. We can be friends. :)

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